Rancho Valencia

Far from ordinary. Simply perfect.

The All Agave Project

Exclusive seminars. Exquisite tastings. Sweet agave swag. The chance to become a Pony Room legend. And maybe even a secret handshake.

Join us for the tasting adventure of a lifetime.


Take a sensory tour across the spectrum of The Pony Room’s agave spirit program. Through the All Agave Tasting Tour, discover a wide array of wonderful tequila as well as other unique spirits like Mezcal, Bacanora and Sotol. Become well versed in Mexican spirits and understand the many variations that agave has to offer. 

Be amongst the first to taste all of the spirits and become a Pony Room legend. Winners will have a special place on the All Agave Cup.

Enhance the tasting experience and become a member of the All Agave Club. The annual membership fee of $295 includes exclusive access to the All Agave Tasting Tour and plenty of perks like:

• Sweet Agave Swag: All Agave baseball cap, tee shirt, flask and
your personal All Agave Tasting Tour booklet
• Monthly Agave Sip Sesh | 3rd Thursday of Every Month*
Enjoy an agave spirit tasting and education seminar with a unique distinguished guest each month. Each sip sesh includes a welcome cocktail, tastings and light bites.
• Special Member Pricing: Take advantage of members-only pricing
for each monthly Agave Sip Sesh.
AAC Members | $20
AAC Member Guest | $40 
Non-AAC Members | $60

To join, please call 858.759.6204 and provide your name, number and agave spirit of choice. Game on.